Track Your Equipment and Assets

Equipment and Asset Tracking

Managing Trailers, Shipping Containers and many other assets can be difficult at the best of times creating further challenges, adding increased pressures to managing your operations.

Enormous benefits are gained through the utilisation of a GPS tracking solution, loss and theft prevention for instance.

FleetPursuit provides one of the most advanced GPS equipment tracking, management, monitoring and reporting software platforms available globally, and at an affordable price.

All your Trailers, Equipment and Assets are covered

Whether you need track, locate, monitor or manager assets such as Trailers, Shipping Containers, Equipment or other Assets, either powered or non-powered, you can benefits by implementing a GPS solution into your operations.

Specifically, asset management is generally associated with a non-powered piece of equipment such as Trailers and Shipping Containers just to highlight 2 examples.

FleetPursuit utilises one of the best GPS hardware devices available. The are standalone, operating from their own battery and have a battery life of up to 7 years*. Best of all no installation required, simply mount to the asset and you are set to go!

Almost anything can be monitored using an Asset tracker. If you are not sure if what you have can be tracked, monitored or managed, speak with one of our solutions experts today.

Benefits of Equipment and Asset Tracking

  • Condition Monitoring – Any number of parameters that need to be managed for a condition
  • Equipment or Machinery Use – Know how equipment is being treated, reducing maintenance costs
  • Engine Hours – Know how many hours hire equipment is used to help with calculating and charging for hours used
  • Maintenance – Maintenance scheduling reporting and notifications based on engine hours
  • Location – Know 24/7 where each asset or equipment is will assist you with inventory
  • Locator Link – Our dedicated Locator link can be used to send to recovery specialist if it breaks down, or for customer service
  • Geofence Data – All data of movement, speeds or other relevant data based on a defined area
  • Notifications – An extensive list of customisable alerts ensures you are always kept informed
  • Utilisation – Having all information at hand provides you with the ability to better deploy and utilise equipment
  • Automation – Will reduce administration time waste and costs
  • Theft – Reduction in insurance costs and downtime with recovery
  • Maintenance – Reduced maintenance cost through better management or by utilising sensor conditions.

What Equipment and Asset Can be Managed, Monitored and Tracked

The list of different types of equipment, machinery and assets is extensive – almost anything can be managed.

If you need to know hat is happening to your equipment or what its condition is then you will be able to use GPS device hardware to monitor and report on this live 24/7.

Our team of GPS experts can help you work out what problem you need to solve.

Which Equipment or What Assets?

Here are a few of the more common ones

  • Plant Equipment
  • Trailers – Tankers, refrigerated  or dollies
  • Generators
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Pumps
  • Forklifts
  • Mobile Platforms and Scissor Lifts
  • Traffic Equipment – Mobile Signage and Signal Lights
  • Mobile Lighting Towers
  • Portable Buildings and Worksite Caravans
  • Tanks – Fuel, Oil, Water or Waste

Equipment and Asset Management Reports and Notifications

As with vehicles, advanced reporting capabilities are comprehensive and can be customised, downloaded and exported in multiple formats. All reports can be scheduled to be sent automatically or generated manually at any time.

Depending on the Asset or Equipment, and what is needing to be monitored and managed, there is a vast array of hardware and sensors available to provide what is required – speak to our solutions expert for deeper discussing.

Reports and Notifications

Almost any report you need can be customised for you – just ask our team.

  • Sensors Reports
  • Activity and Utilisation Reports
  • Movements Reports
  • Geofences Data Reports
  • Engine Hours Reports
  • Full Data Summary Reports – Provides complete overview
  • Harsh Usage Reports
  • Maintenance Schedules Reports – Due or Overdue
  • Mileage Travelled  – If applicable
  • Exceptions Reports – Summary of All Conditions and Notifications
  • Fuel Reports

For a greater understanding of GPS tracking and which device is best for you, speak with one of the FleetPursuit solution experts today!



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