Track Your Field Teams

Field Personnel Tracking

When you have personnel out in the field vehicle GPS hardware installed into vehicles might not be practical. This can make managing field team members challenging when it comes to safety and efficiency.

GPS technology is not just only for the tracking of your vehicles or equipment – monitoring field personnel can be equally vital to your operations. Dedicated hardware and mobile app are available to suit your specific requirements, helping to ensure their safety and accountability while in the field.

All your field personnel covered

With the advancement in technology, many businesses are utilising mobiles and tablets for their external Personnel in the field. Many businesses currently use this technology to run other app-based operational functions. Accordingly, they are moving to integrate tracking into this also, often forgoing dedicated in-vehicle hardware where the personnel are more important to manage.

There are many reasons or needs why your businesses may want to track field personnel, from the simple live tracking and tracing and knowing where they are, to health and safety whether they are in or out of the vehicle.

Personal trackers are an ideal way to track field personnel, elderly or children. Depending on your requirements and what you need to manage or monitor will decide on the device solution chosen.

What Do You Need to Track Field Teams?

There are two primary options that enables you to track your field teams:

  1. Dedicated GPS Hardware that is worn or carried, and
  2. GPS Software mobile and tablet applications.

There are many dedicated personal GPS tracking hardware devices available, your needs will determine which is right for you and the cost.

App-based GPS tracking option is fast becoming the number one standard for personal tracking and it provides greater versatility and added functionality. Best of all there is no hardware to purchase!

Who Uses Personnel Tracking

Ideal for any business with personnel in the field and where they are not always in a vehicle.

  • Security Businesses – for Mobile and Foot Patrols
  • Courier and Delivery Businesses
  • Logistics Delivery Businesses
  • Maintenance Businesses
  • Healthcare Services – Doctors and Nurses for House Calls
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Services Organisations
  • Businesses Using Subcontractors

Benefits of Tracking Field Teams

As with specific vehicle tracking, there is a vast array of ways that businesses can benefit by using Personal GPS tracking technology. Several primary ways can include the following, many of which provide much of the same benefits as vehicle tracking and more – personal trackers function in much the same way.

More commonly, many industry sectors are also adopting App-based technology over the more expensive dedicated personal tracker hardware. See GPSTag and WiaTag.

Depending on the GPS hardware chosen, combined with our tracking platform, this list can vary. GPS tracking hardware or apps are only part of the solution.  It is also about the ability of the software platform and how it interprets and presents this data that is the key.

Benefits of Personnel Tracking

  • Heath and Safety – After hours security, SOS distress calls can be sent
  • Speeding – If driving in a vehicle, speeds can still be monitored
  • Location – Know 24/7 where person is can be vital to your operation
  • Multi-Personnel – Field work crews can be monitored individually adding to safety
  • Full Tracking – In vehicle and out of vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • Utilisation – Optimally utilised and deployed and redeployed as needed
  • Time on Job Site – Validate how long workers have been on a job site
  • Customer Service – Keep customers up to date with FleetPursuit’s dedicated Locator Link
  • Geofencing – Generate all data, movements, times, enter and exits of defined areas
  • Notifications – An extensive list of customisable alerts ensures you are always kept informed
  • Automation – Actions can be automated to reduce time waste and administration
  • Compliance – Ensuring that field workers are where they need to be

Reports and Notifications

Advanced reporting capabilities are comprehensive and can be customised, downloaded and exported in multiple formats. All reports can be scheduled to be sent automatically or generated manually at any time.

Depending on the chosen personal tracking hardware device or app-based option specific reports can also be generated.

If you are unsure or have a specific need, simply contact one of our solutions experts.

Note: If the personal are travelling in a vehicle additional vehicle reports will also be available. 

Along with the reports below, a comprehensive number of notifications can be sent by email, SMS, in platform (PC) or mobile app as well.

Reports and Notifications

A comprehensive list of these can be sent via email, SMS, in platform or by push notifications in our mobile app.

Almost any report you need can be customised for you – just ask our team.

  • Detailed Trip Data Reports – for Defined Period, Day, Week, Month
  • Speeding Reports
  • Stops and Parking Reports
  • Activity Within Geofences Reports
  • Scan QR Reports
  • Job Site Reports Including Visits
  • Streets, Locations Visited or NOT Visited Reports
  • Driver/Office Chat Messages and POD Reports
  • Mileage Travelled Reports
  • Routes Travelled and Deviation Reports
  • Exception Report Summary and Notifications
  • Images Reports of Incidents

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