Logistics Delivery Application

Businesses all over the world strive for process automation and a true end-to-end delivery solution that also improves the Last Mile for customer service.

Now you can track and manage all aspects of the orders and delivery process. Keep customers updated with the status or their delivery all the way to their door!

Order delivery has never been so easier!

Complete Delivery Application for PC and Mobile

The FleetPursuit Logistics Application is a multi-functional program providing you with a true end-to-end delivery solution giving you the ability to manage all aspects in real time of delivery or courier services.

The Logistics application has two separate applications – one for the drivers, and one for the administrators and dispatchers. It provides the ability to maintain control over the whole order management process, including order placement, planning, distribution, route optimisation and coordination and end delivery.

Always keep your route at hand, data from Google Maps for more precise address information and routing, communicate with customers with automated email live status update notifications and make use of reports for efficient analytics.

What if you didn’t need special or expensive hardware?

Simply use mobile phones or tablets for your Drivers – most businesses already have these why not maximise their use?

All you need is a FleetPursuit GPS service account to access – purchase GPS hardware devices or use either our GPSTag or WiaTag smart app solution.

What if the cost made it accessible to ANY size business?

For Dispatchers and Administrators – the Logistics PC Application

Adding Orders or Importing Orders from other Software – Complete Flexibility

Easy import of orders from other software in CSV and XLSX files format or via JSON, or enter orders by manual input, allocate them to drivers and optimise the routes for greater efficiency.

Set up order templates and rules for easier order allocation by vehicle type, warehouse locations, start and end points. With each order you have the ability to add delivery instructions, documents, customer contact and other information Drivers may need.

Once orders have been entered and allocated, Drivers will immediately receive and see their orders and schedule on their mobile or tablet.

Using your PC Logistics account access, track and manage drivers and the progress status of each delivery or order – live. Know when drivers are late, missed a delivery, a delivery was rejected, running on time or even early! Communicate direct with drivers securely using the integrated Chat function.

Keep your customers informed with the status of the order delivery using the automated notifications – Door-To-Door service.

For Drivers – the Mobile or Tablet Logistics Application

Once drivers log into their Logistics mobile app, all data relevant to the order will be available. This includes instructions, documents, contact information for the customer and any other details provided by the administrator or dispatcher.

Routing and Navigation

Navigation is included, making it easier for drivers and ensuring optimised delivery times. Drivers can select navigation from within the Logistics App to help guide them to the location. The Navigation tool ability is a valuable way to assist drivers get to unfamiliar locations and stay on track for delivery times.

At each delivery the driver can confirm or reject each delivery, providing instant status updates back to the office administrator or dispatcher. In the case of a rejected order, drivers can also add reason for rejection.

Delivery Confirmation – Proof of Delivery (POD)

PODs are vital for any business, Logistics provides the ability to manage this in multiple ways, ensuring accountability:

  • Sign-on-Glass – Customer can simply sign in the app’s order panel confirming acceptance
  • POD Imaging – Alternatively customer can sign a document and an in-app image can be taken and securely uploaded
  • Condition Imaging – Where a delivery is made, an image can also be taken of the delivered item’s condition in case of later dispute. Or in the case where no person is at location and the item is left, an image can be taken as proof of delivery.

All PODs and images are date and time stamped and stored securely in the Logistics application and administrators or dispatchers can both export them to external location and produce reports as needed.

In-App Communication – Chat

The added ability for dispatchers or office administrators and drivers to communicate is also embedded into the Logistics PC and the Drivers App, providing further controls, secure documented and audit accountability.


As would be expected from a truly end-to-end Logistics solution, full reporting capabilities of all deliveries and other relevant data is available, allowing you to export and analyse for auditing, improvements and transparency.

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