WiaTag Mobile App – No GPS Hardware Needed!


WiaTag Mobile App

WiaTag allows you to turn any mobile (Android and iOS) device into a GPS tracker. Just like standard GPS hardware trackers, WiaTag Mobile App functions in the same way but also includes added functionality as well.

With no outlay for GPS hardware or installation, this option provides an extremely cost-effective and flexible solution for any business. Can be up and operating in hours too!

With technology advancement, more businesses are adopting tablets and mobiles operationally to manage field personnel and infield processes. FleetPursuit has developed GPS App based technology to move with changing business needs.

No GPS device hardware to purchase!

Are you currently running your field technical staff, delivery vehicles and services operation via Tablets or Mobiles already incorporating other software?

Maybe all you need or want is just a simple affordable solution!

From as little as 50 cents per day you won’t find a better solution!

Who Can Use WiaTag

WiaTag has been developed to suit almost any industry and market sector.

It is an ideal solution for both small and large businesses, particularly when they are not requiring specific engine or diagnostic data from their vehicles.

WiaTag is also an ideal option for subcontractors as their is no need for them to purchase and install


In today’s connected world many companies see WiaTag as an easy and seamlessly integrated GPS tracking solution for Drivers and field teams where Tablets and mobiles are already being used – with no hardware or installation costs it makes logical sense.


Increasingly many industries are choosing to integrate GPS tracking into their Tablets and Mobile where engine, sensor or other diagnostics are not needed.

  • Security
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Couriers and Delivery
  • Services and Trades Industries
  • Short-Term and Subcontractors
  • Sales Teams
  • Personal and Personnel Tracking
  • Elderly and Child Tracking

Added Functionality and Further Easy Integration of other Applicationses are choosing to integrate GPS tracking into their Tablets and Mobile where engine, sensor or other diagnostics are not needed.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

WiaTag allows you to take an image and send them securely to your management platform account – direct to your administration staff to manage as needed


WiaTag users are able to send SOS distress alerts to a designated number or person allowing them to take any required action


Communicate direct with WiatTag users using our software platform App, allowing you to be kept informed or send instructions to them or for them to update you with any information


Drivers are able to select a specific MODE for their status, all of these can be customised for you. Example; Busy or Available, Business or Private, Driver Name if you have multiple drivers using the same WiaTag app.



GPSTag is feature packed, here you will find the primary list

  • Compatible with Android and iOS tablets and Mobiles
  • No GPS hardware to purchase and no installation costs
  • User-friendly interface, easy setup – we do the work for you
  • Can be set up to operate automatically or by schedule*
  • Operates just like any normal GPS hardware device – reports, speed, alerts and much more
  • Send messages and images via GPSTag securely to office or dispatchers
  • Chatterbox for 2-way communication between driver and office – complete reporting
  • Ideal for Subcontractors and Short-Term needs
  • Customer Service – includes free access to our customer service function to keep your customers informed
  • GPSTag can seamlessly be added to Logistics app – our true end-to-end delivery solution

Find out more about WiaTag and how you can use this in your operation today!



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