Who Are Our Global Partners

FleetPursuit partners include many of the best known for their reliability, research and development and flexibility.

These partnerships reassure our customers to know they are working with one of the best.

FleetPursuit are partnered with Gurtam and their Wialon GPS telematic software. Gurtam are the global number one telematic software developers in the world and is why we choose them as our partner.

A widely recognised and respected Global developer of GPS software with approximately 3,104,237 GPS units currently implemented in 250+ countries worldwide and constantly growing and expanding geographically.

FleetPursuit are partnered with Telstra for the 3G, 4G and LTE data capability as Telstra are well known as the number one for providing the best network coverage and reliability.

This partnership ensures that our customers can expect only the best network coverage for mobile data SIM cards used in GPS devices is maintained for your GPS services and operations at all times.

When 99.9% Network Uptime is needed for critical businesses, Security sector for instance, further reassurance is available through our partnership with POD Group.

POD provides the added technical ability to switch between network providers as a fail-over. POD SIM technology allows the SIM card within the GPS device to search out the strongest cellular network provider Telstra, Optus or Vodafone for instance. Or should any network fail you can be assured that your GPS devices are going to be connected.