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The solution for maintenance control

Web-based application for maintenance planning, control and expenditure recording. Fleetrun was developed for those who want to reduce fleet operation costs, avoid critical breakdowns and reduce the time spent in the workshop. With this application you can control all kinds of services and expenditures for individual spare parts, vehicles, and even kilometer performance. Fleetrun will show the services that the fleet needs, their intervals and cost.

Fleetrun how it works

How it works

Fleetrun – Developed to Help You Take Control of Maintenance Costs

The Fleetrun web-based application connects to our Sniper tracking an management platform providing all the engine hours and mileage for scheduling.

This also provides those authorised within your teams to see the maintenance state at a glance, in service workshop and and the status of service or repairs enabling greater operational management of your vehicles.

The Fleetrun application is designed to manage the process of vehicle maintenance and control the validity period of drivers’ documents and permits. The application can be used by managers and administrators of fleets, drivers and vehicle owners, and others to record the costs and minimize them due to well-timed service of the fleet.

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