Latest Updates & Features –  Sniper Platform

Latest Updates and Improvements to the Sniper Platform

A lot of things have happened since our last newsletter! We have been working hard to continue improving our Sniper Management Platform for our customers – providing you with an evolving solution as technology moves forward – so does FleetPursuit and Sniper!

We’ve broken this down and decided to release the Sniper updates by parts over the coming weeks.

As these features are rolled out you will see them in your User Account access, so keep an eye out!.

Why? To enable you to have a better chance to review the already released functionalities – you may have already noticed a number of changes and new additions!. In this article, you will get to know what latest features we are presenting today and which ones will be out in a fortnight or so. 

Our developers have been busy creating new functions and improvements to Sniper – some of these have come from suggestions and feedback, and from listening to you, our great customers! Thank you.

Dividing the track into trips

For more handy working of “tracks”, our developers have established color identification of track sections, according to speed and sensor values, as well as a stand-alone web application TrackPlayer. But there is still more you need to know. Starting from November, separate trips inside each track can be displayed in different colors on the map and in “Tracks” panel.

In the past, you could select a “Track” period for what you needed to review. This presented it as ONE track only – now you can choose to break it down simply by clicking on the track as it will open up into individual trips, making it much easier and faster when looking for specific trip data.

Note! “Trip detector” should be activated and properly configured!

Moreover, on the map, you can tap a certain trip and learn some additional info, such as mileage, start and end time, in a drop-down list under the main interval. The markers of the trip start and end will become a cherry on the cake of advanced visualisation.

**You may have already noticed the increased size of the directional markers/arrows when generating tracks! This modification was implemented at the beginning of November and was one of the suggestions received from our customers.

Locator Links in Notifications!

Our Locator link has become an invaluable tool for many of our customers. Continued feedback has shown how this has been received since the launch 12 months ago – much like the famed Uber app or Track My Pizza, it has provided the ability for your customers to track your services or delivery.

We have now improved this to make it much easier and automated for you!

Sending the location of a delivery, vehicle or service technician has become easier not only for you but for your customers as well. In fact, you’ll now be able to automate this process – just configure the notifications with Locator links to be sent to the customer’s email.

We added a new “LOCATOR_LINK” tag to Notifications. You can find this in the Notification tab when setting up most notifications. Thanks to the option of setting the life time of the link and configuring track and geofence display, the customer/recipient will receive a Locator Link with a triggered notification – you define how long the have access, even add a personal message.

With this latest functionality added to the Notifications the process is automated and doesn’t require your involvement once set.

Each time a notification is triggered, for example Enter “geofence name”, the Notification email can be set to send a Locator link with it – the link will be sent to the email recipient/s you nominate when setting up the notification.

You can set up as many notifications you wish. If it is a one time event, simply delete or deactivate the notification at any time.

Maybe you have deliveries or VIP customer that need to know where their delivery/service technician is, or how far away they are – by allowing them to see and track from a specified period will be invaluable to them, and you!

Locator link was designed to help improve customer service, now you can automate it – further improving this functionality!


Here is a quick overview on how to add or create this link to be sent as per above.

Go to “Notifications” tab, select New or use an existing Notification (or you may also copy one and rename).

The wizard will walk you through step-by-step. When you get to the Text panel (as pictured above) simply “click” on the  “Locator Link”, this will add it to the text sent in the email.

The options are flexible, simply by understanding what you can choose to set, such as the ability to continuously Track and/or provide the Geofence information, or just the Location. To set this onetime link for 60 minutes and provide a track enabling the recipient to follow the vehicle, for example:

%LOCATOR_LINK(60,T)% – allows the customer/recipient to track the vehicle/delivery/service tech for 60 minutes. After this time has elapsed the Locator link will no longer be valid. Simply change to 60 to 30 for a different lifespan, if you wish to add the Geofence change the bracket section to (60,T,G).

Need assistance to understanding how to enter/use it – we are here to help! Simply go to Sniper Help Desk and submit a ticket. Sniper Help Desk