For businesses that use Geofences, they will already understand just how invaluable these can be to their operations and managing their vehicles and personnel.

What is a Geofence?

A Geofence is a virtual perimeter or fence that can be drawn around a defined area to manage and monitor vehicle or personnel activities, both inside and outside the area.  Geofences can be defined in all shapes and sizes for the desired purpose and function.

Geofences are a very basic and standard function that is provided with most GPS tracking hardware – the degree of functionality depends largely on the tracking software. (If you are using GPS tracking for your vehicles and don’t have this, then you need a better provider!)

All too often Geofences are overlooked and simply used as an “Enter and Exit” alert tool.

There is so much more that can be achieved with the amount of flexibility, information, triggered changes and reporting, including many alerts.

When combined with the right Vehicle Tracking Software, you can reduce administration and improve operations, but you can also automate many things – all leading to reduced costs and increased profits. FleetPursuit has many added functions to assist and enhance the capabilities of Geofences and more.

Here is a list of just 12 things you can do – reports are also able to be generated:

  1. Monitor all activities within a geofence – All movements, speeds, parking and time
  2. Safety – Monitor any number of aspects within the geofence such as speed
  3. Routing – Define a route to be taken and be alerted if it moves outside that route
  4. Geofences visited or not visited – Know when an area or location has been visited or not
  5. Theft of vehicle or asset – If the vehicle is moved without authorisation you will instantly know
  6. Fuelling – If you have specific locations for refuelling, entering and exiting can be linked to refuelling records
  7. Arriving on a job site – Know when you personnel have arrived
  8. Leaving a job site – Knowing how long they have been there will assist in billing and disputes
  9. Driver change – If the vehicle has a driver change at a location, this will be updated in the tracking platform (our solution provides binding and unbinding of drivers)
  10. Trailers – For transport companies using our trailer module, binding and unbinding can also be set using geofences
  11. Customer Service – Notify your customers automatically when driver is near. FleetPursuit also has the dedicated feature of our free “Customer Service” link
  12. Manage turnaround times – For unloading and loading in depots, you can monitor, manage and report times spent sitting in the waiting area, including fuel waste.

In summary, if you are not maximising the use that Geofences can provide your daily operations, it may be worth investigating what you can achieve.  There are 3 areas you need to consider:

  1. Automation and the software ability
  2. Reports that can be generated
  3. Alerts that can be sent and to whom.

If you cannot achieve what you need using the solution you have now, or do not have a GPS tracking solution in place, then it may be worth contacting one of our FleetPursuit solutions experts or call us on 07 3236 6055 to discuss!

Note: Geofences can also be used with our GPSTag & WiaTag app based solutions.

GPSTag and WiaTag