How Secure Are Your Trailers?

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How Secure Are Your Trailers?

How Secure Are Your Trailers?

Trucks and trailers are a valuable assets and BOTH vital in order to operate a transport business. Yet some surprisingly a lot of businesses only focus on their trucks often forgetting about the trailers.

Knowing where your trucks are when they are covering the vast geographical countryside will greatly improves your operational efficiency and improve costs.

With the availability of GPS tracking technology a lot of transport companies (large & small) now have some type of GPS tracking installed in their trucks. But,

What about the trailer when it is not connected to the truck?

Can you be sure of where the trailer is at all times, can you track it if it moves? Do you know if it has been moved?

It is an unfortunate fact that every year more and more trailers are being stolen, so what happens when the trailer is not with the truck?

Sitting on the side of the road somewhere with no one around, how do you track it and know where it is or even if it is still there?!

What about a “rogue” driver contracted to use his truck/s to transport using your trailers. The are many stories where a contractor in dispute with the company simply unhitches the trailer “somewhere” then drives off with it never to be found because they aren’t tracked! I know a company that had their insurance premiums go through the roof and they also lost a valuable contract because they couldn’t meet their agreement, this company went into administration. Have you had these issues or know of someone that has?

With the advancement of GPS technology it has made GPS solutions more cost effective, particularly with regard to tracking trailers when they are not attached to a truck or maybe parked up in a potentially unsecured area such as the side of a road in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe already have a GPS tracking solution installed in the cab of the truck. The solution may be providing you with all the driver and vehicle data information you need for your operations. You don’t need to replace it if you don’t want to, keep it if it works for your operations.

Your trailers are independent of the GPS solution you have in place once they are separated from your trucks, with no tracking functionality.

Some things that can generally be at risk and cost you when your trailers are stolen is:

  • Insurance – increased premiums
  • Loss of revenue – no trailer no cartage
  • Inconvenience – time is money
  • Cost to hire a replacement trailer – while waiting for insurance payout
  • Contractual obligations – missed deadlines
  • Cost and time – chasing, organising and administering everything involved in the process.





FleetPursuit has been working hard providing client’s cost effective solutions for some years now and we constantly develop and enhance our solutions to keep up with the technology advances available.

One of our latest solutions provides a great deal of flexibility and practicality particularly ideal for truck trailers to reduce the risks against theft in the Syrus. Some features are:

  • Backup Battery – providing up to 10 days backup without power
  • Movement – motion detection to alert you of movement when it should be stationery
  • Tamper detection – alerts you if someone has or is attempting to disconnect the device
  • Geo-fencing – virtual fence to alert you if the trailer is being moved outside of an area
  • Weatherproof – allows the device to be located anywhere on the trailer
  • Piece of mind!

For less than $1 a day,is not having this capability worth it?





If you would like to discuss how we can help reduce the risk of trailer theft, call me personally or one of the team on:

  •  07 3236 6055 or Email us for more information

Check out our End-Of-Financial-Year offers, we have made all our solutions even more cost effective making it an ever better time to look at reducing your risk.