Mobile workers

How do you care for your mobile workers?

For any business with mobile workers, getting drivers home safely each day is a primary goal and knowing where they are is important. Each year in Australia there are more than 600,000 road crashes, 200,000 reported injuries and 1,300 people killed.

Here is good starting place……….

GPS tracking and tracing telematics is helping reduce costs and increase productivity, and is one of the smartest investments organisations can make in technology to create a safe-driving culture.

Drivers face ongoing pressure to deliver goods or services on schedule, while also dealing with roadway congestion and various distractions. The majority of drivers admit to eating, reading or using a mobile phone when behind the wheel. All drivers are affected by the safety implications that these distractions cause.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Know where drivers are
  • Increase productivity
  • Allocate the closest driver to a job knowing where they are
  • Know where your assets are 24/7 & that they are secure
  • Helps drivers stay safe
  • Minimise risk
  • Improved maintenance costs
  • river behaviour such as speeding
  • Live monitoring – tracking & tracing
  • Management reporting
  • Reduce operational & admin costs
  • Reduce fuel and maybe even insurance costs

A solution doesn’t need to break the bank!

There are solutions for all size businesses and budgets!

From less than $1 a day, shouldn’t you be investigating how an IVMS solution can help you stay on top?

Contact one of our solutions team today and let us know how we can help you!