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The questions all businesses ponder especially small to medium ones.

All businesses have had these questions come up:

“Do I or don’t I?” “Can I afford it?” “Can I afford not to?”

Think of the reasons you would “like to, need to and want to” have a tracking solution, and know where both your people and your assets are at any time.

Look at the benefits, and assess what you “need” against what you “want/wish” we could have (we all have a wish list).

There are multiple options – why buy a Ferrari when you only need a Commodore – paying for something you don’t need is expensive if you don’t use it!

Some of the issues and questions are:
  • Where are my guys now? Why are they there, and not….?
    • A customer called and needs to know how far away they are from the job, or a new customer needs an urgent quote. What do I say, do I chase the driver on mobile?
    • Look at their location/s using the GPS platform on PC or phone 24/7.
    • If you know and can see where they are now you can advise the customer
    • If I know and can see which driver is closest I could send them
  • Are my guys on the job site? If not, where are they?
    • Productivity
    • Safety
    • Security
  • How long have they been there?
    • Proof they were there if customer needs it
    • Peace of mind knowing they have been on the job site (sorry, it can’t tell you if they were working though!)
  • I have several drivers on several routes, can these routes be improved and do they overlap?
    • Don’t have the time to sit and physically review on a map? Using historical trip data you can visually see their trips and routes quickly and conveniently.
  • Are my mobile asset secure?
    • Assets/vehicles can be secured using Geofencing
    • Are my vehicles, plant and other equipment secure (24/7)?
    • If one of my mobile assets was stolen what impact will it have on operations?
    • Maybe tracking will help reduce my insurance costs? Talk to your insurer
    • If they are moved when they shouldn’t be, how will I know? Automated alerts (24/7)
  • Do you know when scheduled maintenance is due?
    • View the engine hours or mileage
    • Reports – Schedule and automatic report options
  • How are my vehicles being used after hours?
    • How often are my vehicles being on weekends, long weekends and holidays?
    • Are my people moonlighting after hours using my “tools”?
    • I would know this if I could see where the vehicles have been – Trip data & reports history
  • How do my drivers look after my vehicles? Driver Behaviour.
    • Speeding ticket we get in the mail, who was driving? I can’t remember what work was being done in that area a month ago.
    • Data history will provide the trips for that day – then I will know who was driving.
    • How can I reduce my fuel costs? Speeding drivers also means more fuel, alerts can let you know when they are!
    • How do they treat my vehicles? Harsh driving such as harsh breaking, steering and speeding have an impact on wear and tear. Know their behaviours.
  • Will having my vehicles fitted with GPS tracking devices have an impact on my drivers and will they accept being tracked?
    • Explaining the overall business benefits to you workers and the savings in admin, vehicle fuel and maintenance costs, together with improving of efficiencies, makes their jobs more secure.
    • Most businesses will immediately see an improvement and ROI – research has shown ROI is seen in as little as 6 weeks as.

In summary:

  • Improved efficiency, visibility and customer/client service – more competitive
  • Improved driver habits – saves on fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improved operations through better use and deployment of assets and people
  • Improved security against theft – operational benefits and potential insurance savings
  • Regular driver routes – visually see and amend and assess changes particularly where they overlap saving time, fuel, money and improving efficiency/utilisation
  • Having a GPS solution will save you money and gain many efficiencies
  • Choose the best solution for YOUR needs, not others – price/benefits
  • Look at the different options such as wired device (requires installation) or a plug-in device that is self-installed.

Is it time to investigate GPS tracking solutions and see how this can help improve your business?

Contact one of our solutions team today and let us know how we can help you!