How to Manage Field Workers & Drivers….


For any size business, managing mobile teams is often difficult and time consuming but still a vital part of your operation.

Managing your mobile workers can be difficult and time consuming, and impacts heavily on your business. This can add to increased operational costs and unnecessary hours in administration. Additionally, this can lead to lost hours due to reduced productivity or utilisation for jobs. Managing your workers’ time increases productivity leading to extra jobs in the day/week, resulting in an increase to the bottom line.

Many small businesses still rely on the “educated guess”, he/they should be at…, or will be at… based on the written job schedule you had appointed them to.

How often does this work or how accurate is this for you? Do you still need to call them on their mobile to find out to find out where they are – and when you do, are they really where they tell you they are?

What do you say to clients and customers when they call for an update…..?

Can you answer these simple questions about your field workers or how do you address these?

  • Where are they?
  • How long have they been there?
  • How far away are they from their appointed job?
  • How long with it be before they arrive on the job site?
  • A client or customer just called your office to find out where they are – they are late…
  • What about speeding and driver behaviour – they are YOUR vehicles with YOUR name on them.

Track my Fleet

What impact can NOT managing mobile workers and vehicles have on your business?

Here are just 3: (how many more can you think of?)

  • Cost of lost jobs/work – if managed better extra jobs can be added in a day or week
  • Cost of time – extra admin, phone calls chasing locations and updates direct from workers
  • Cost of customer service – not being able to quickly update or advise customer will impact on continuing to use or recommend your business.

For businesses, not only smaller but also larger businesses, can easily benefit and improve operations while also deceasing costs and increase their bottom line profit!

HOW? Simply by using current GPS technology!

Best of all it doesn’t need to cost huge amounts of money!


FleetPursuit’s Sniper GPS Tag is a great option for ANY size business and more importantly it is VERY affordable.

Operating from our Sniper vehicle monitoring and management platform works much like traditional GPS device hardware, except that it functions from any mobile phone or tablet instead!


With the use of GPS Tag and the FleetPursuit online tracking an management platform, even the smallest of businesses can afford to be at the top of their game!

Manage, monitor and track your field workers, time spent on site and generate reports (e.g. times at location, trips and usage/utilisation) from anywhere 24/7.

Want to know more, then call one of our Solutions Experts on +61 (0) 7 3236 6055 for a chat about what you need and how FleetPursuit can help you improve your operations.