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2904, 2015

Official Launch of FLEETRewards Program!

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   FleetRewards Here at FLEETPursuit we recognise just how important and valuable our Clients are! FleetPursuit constantly strive to provide robust reliable products and services at a cost effective price to suit all budgets, whilst continuing to further develop our solutions to help all clients as their business needs change [...]

804, 2015

Need to Reduce Fuel Costs?

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It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, one problem doesn’t distinguish between the size of a business and is constantly front of mind. How to reduce costs and waste from all areas while still maintaining service standards in meeting/exceeding customer expectations and competitiveness of your business is [...]

3003, 2015

Do You Hire Out Plant or Dry Hire?

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Hire companies invest enormous amounts of money into their valuable equipment and all to often don't know how, when or sometime where it is used! I hope the below will provide you with an insight and information that may help with your business. This also applies to almost any hired [...]

1802, 2015

Tips for managing maintenance schedules

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Keeping track of individual maintenance schedules for your fleet can be time consuming and complicated. With FleetPursuit Maintenance Scheduling you have a single place to organise your vehicle and equipment services, registrations or insurance renewals. Set up alerts and visual warnings to remind you when you need to take action. You may even setup multiple service schedules for individual equipment, for example be notified when a machine is due for a 500 hour service, 6 month tyre change, 12 month registration and when its insurance renewal is due. The FleetPursuit AWS software offers three maintenance schedule types […]

1602, 2015

Vehicle tracking – yes or no?

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The questions all businesses ponder especially small to medium ones. All businesses have had these questions come up: “Do I or don’t I?” “Can I afford it?” “Can I afford not to?” Think of the reasons you would “like to, need to and want to” have a tracking solution, and [...]

1602, 2015

Managing your Mobile Workers

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How do you care for your mobile workers? For any business with mobile workers, getting drivers home safely each day is a primary goal and knowing where they are is important. Each year in Australia there are more than 600,000 road crashes, 200,000 reported injuries and 1,300 people killed. Here is good starting place………. GPS tracking and tracing telematics is helping reduce costs and increase productivity, and is one of the smartest investments organisations can make in technology to create a safe-driving culture. Drivers face ongoing pressure to deliver goods or services on schedule, while also dealing with roadway congestion and various distractions. The majority of drivers admit to eating, reading or using a mobile phone when behind the wheel. All drivers are affected by the safety implications that these distractions cause. Some of the Benefits: […]

1602, 2015

Short-Term Rental Options

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Finally a Rental for GPS Tracking Clients tell us all too often that they need to manage additional vehicles, plant or assets but ONLY for a Short-Term. Often clients need to add extra assets to complete a particular contract or it might be to fulfill a contract obligation as part of the terms. Whatever the reason may be: […]